Junior Golf Academy

JGA Class Curriculum

The Junior Golf Academy was established in 2004 by Pam Bowers. Pam received the US Kids Golf Top 50 Kids Teacher Award in 2006, 2007 & 2011, and was honored at the 2012 PGA Show with Top 50 Master Kids Teacher Award for her lifetime contributions to Junior Golf. This prestigious award categorizes both her and the JGA Golf Academy to be ranked among the best in the world.

The JGA curriculum is designed to provide progressive professional instruction to junior golfers, ages 6-18. Regardless of age or skill level, from beginners to aspiring high school and collegiate golfers, the JGA Academy offers kids the best opportunity to learn, improve and hone their golf skills in a fun, focused and competitive atmosphere.

Our Teacher to Student ratio is capped at 1:10 to ensure quality and engaging instruction.


Plan A

$75 a month for 4, 30 minute group classes

Plan B

$155 a month for 8, 30 minute group classes

Plan C

$20 Drop-In Fee per 30 minute class

Beginner & Intermediate Levels


Character Pillar: Respect

Introduction to the game of golf with basic swing fundamentals


Character Pillar: Integrity

Full swing fundamentals, chipping & putting basics


Character Pillar: Responsibility

Full swing development & short game focus

Advanced Levels


Based on skill

Short game review, course conduct, rules introduction, play instruction


Based on skill

Advanced shot making, rules curriculum, playing instruction


Based on skill

Course management and scoring techniques

Class Registration

Registration is taken on-site at your child’s first JGA class at the Desert Willow Driving Range. All new golfers will begin at the Blue Level. Please check the calendar for class times. Please come to class 5 minutes early to sign the registration papers.

For golfers with prior experience please call or email to set up an evaluation, so they can be placed in the appropriate level of instruction.

Cash, Zelle, or check payments are taken at the beginning of the student’s first lesson of the month.