Frequently Asked Questions


What are the students' age limit for golf lessons at the Bowers Golf Academy?
We are happy to offer lessons to students between the ages of 4-99.
Do you only offer golf lessons at Desert Willow Golf Course?
Yes, our Golf Academy operates solely at Desert Willow.
Do I (or does my child) need to have my own (or their own) golf equipment to take lessons?
No, we will be happy to provide golf clubs for your lessons at no extra charge. Please let us know of your need when you schedule your lesson.
Should I enroll myself (or my child) in group or private lessons?
Both are great learning venues, but we encourage you to pick whichever is more conducive to your comfort-ability and learning style.
When do you offer Adult or Junior private lessons?
We are happy to work around your schedule and our scheduled classes 7 days a week.
Is there a dress code at Desert Willow?
Yes, all golfers and their gallery are encouraged to wear collared shirts while on the golf course and the driving range. Shorts (even denim), tennis shoes and soft spike golf shoes are appropriate attire.
Do the group golf class schedules change throughout the year?
Yes, the schedule changes seasonally. Please visit the calendar for current and future class options.


What is the size of your Adult Drop-In Quick Fix Clinics?
3-10 students. The class size varies due to weather.
What is taught during the Adult Quick Fix Clinics?
This hour long session is designed to meet your specific swing needs. You will be taught as an individual throughout the group lesson. During the last 20 minutes of class there is also a break-out short game session offered each week.
Do you offer semi-private group lessons?
Yes, you are welcome to schedule and share a group lesson with one or more of your own friends or co-workers.
Do I have to wear golf attire to the lesson?
The only requirement is a collared shirt. You do not need to wear golf shoes.
Do you offer a discount on a series of lessons?
Yes, there are different lessons package sizes available upon request.
Do you offer playing lessons?
Yes, after a few minutes on the range to focus your swing thoughts, we are able to help you hone your skills on the golf course.


How many students are in your Junior Golf Academy Group lessons?
1-10. The class sizes vary because of weather and school activities. Our student to teacher ratio is 10:1.
What is taught during the Junior Golf Academy group classes?
We address the entire game throughout the month in every Level; Putting, short game, full swing and on-course play. Each class ends with a fun team or individual competition.
Do you offer summer or holiday junior golf camps?
No, for facility reasons. However, you are welcome to register your child to as many classes as you’d like within a one week period.
Do you offer a sibling discount?
No, we keep our rates low and affordable.
Can my junior golfer take private lessons and simultaneously participate in the Junior Golf Academy?
Yes! We recommend as our students from the Red Level up to take 1 to 2 private lessons a month to accelerate into tournament play.
What local junior tournament venues do you recommend?
USKG offers a friendlier tournament experience for our younger or new to the game tournament players. LVJGA hosts a more competitive tournament venue for our more advanced players.
Can my child start the Junior Golf Academy lessons mid-month?
You are welcome to enroll in classes mid month. You can pay the Drop In fee of $20 per class.
What Level will my golfer start in?
We prefer that all our golfers start in the Blue Level and advance their way through the Levels creating a great swing foundation as they grow through their growth spurts. If they have played tournament golf, please contact us for an evaluation.
How long are the Academy classes?
The Academy classes are 30 minutes? Your student is welcome to come early or stay late to practice under your supervision.
What if we don't have clubs for our child?
Please have your child come to class, before purchasing any new equipment. We have clubs available for our students to use during class. We would be happy to advise you after we take a look at their physique.
What kind of junior clubs do you recommend?
We believe that beginning juniors need a golf club that is lighter in head weight and graphite shafts that are manufactured with the proper lengths and kick-points.  Many “Junior Clubs” on the market today made by some of Golf’s biggest named companies are adult sized club heads with shorter shafts in them. We encourage you to steer away from these, as they will create bad swing habits and become a possible discouragement for your golfer.  We recommend USKG Clubs for our beginning golfers between 6 – 12 years old.  Their clubs have a head weight that is 12% lighter than an adult head size and very flexible shafts that make it easier for students to reach the set position at the top of their backswing more consistently.

For those students ready to play competitive golf, we recommend the USKG Tour Series or Callaway or Cobra Junior Clubs.